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• Catherine Tapp

• Quinyatta Mumford

• Andrea Ridgway

• Brandi Roberts

• Austin Porter

Strategic Plan 2017 - 2018

Redesign the website and marketing materials to increase functionality, appeal, and usability

Projected Benefits:

1. Online membership – automated reminders and online payment acceptance

2. Standardized organizational email addresses – to decrease lost information during transition from one candidate to the other

3. Members only access — increase value and credibility

Status: In progress. The demo website has been completed, and we are in communication about additional needs with FireSpring.

Next Step:

• Negotiate Price

• Present budget to executive committee

• Work with sections to develop content

Increase membership

1. Update the membership brochures

Status: Not Started

Next Steps:

• Initiate a conversation with ADH communications, they were instrumental to getting the design completed for the annual meeting.

• Budget new marketing materials and collateral

2. Create an automatic communication flow for new members

Status: Active and in review

Next Steps: Once the website is completed we will create login credentials for new members and direct them to the website to learn more about the sections and getting involved.

3. Improved communication to the general body

Status: In progress

Next Steps:

• Newsletter and Survey (Andi and Jennifer)

• Update database (this will be easier with the new website design)

4. Establish a Student Assembly

Status: In progress

Next Steps:

• Establish representation on the team from other universities

• Host a student event

• Include student only components at the conference

Expand the scope of the association beyond the conference

1. Rewrite the by-laws to include details about organizational membership

Status: In Progress

Next Steps:

• Draft proposal of by-laws change to be presented to the Executive Committee

• Put up for a vote with the general body

2. Collaborate with other organizations

Status: In Progress

Next Steps:

• Sponsor the 2018 Cancer Summit

• Sponsor the 2018 Community Health Workers Conference

• Affiliate table at the American Public Health Association Conference (collateral: cups–will request to include in the budget shipping cost to send them to Atlanta ahead of time).

• President participation at a regional conference:

         Notes: In July I initiated a regional team to discuss the problems that were occurring

         in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico and how we could work

         together to collaborate more. Their associations are suffering a lot of the same

         problems that we are, but I think together we can work on building stronger events

         through masterminding. The regional team will participate in quarterly meeting and

         the results of these calls will be presented to the E.C. In the 2017-2018 budget, I

         will petition the E.C. for funding to travel to the Louisiana Public Health Association

         conference, and that future Presidents continue on a rotation throughout the region.

         I have requested that the other states also support our annual event.


         This is something that our membership to SHA gives us the automatic ability to do.

         As President of APHA you are always invited to attend the annual meetings in KY,

         AL, GA, FL, SC, and TN.

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