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Executive Board and Staff

2019-2020 Arkansas Public Health Association

Executive Committee

President Andrea Ridgway
Past President Ashley Clark
President-Elect Brandi Roberts
First VP Quinyatta Mumford
Second VP Jennifer Reaves
Secretary August Rose
Treasurer Al Holman
American Public Health Rep Libby Seftar
Board of Health Rep Catherine Tapp
Parliamentarian Cindy Schaefering
Member at Large (3) Harriett Sheeks
Member at Large (3) Anita Sego
Member at Large (2) Vacant
Member at Large (2) Robin Thomas
Member at Large (1) Shumeka Young
Member at Large (1) ChyChy Smith

Section Representation

Health Administration Jo Thompson
Health Disparities
Health Literacy
Infectious Disease Tiffany Vance
Nutrition Natalie Andrews
Office Professional (OPA) Holli Sublette
Public Health Nurses (PHNAA) Ebony Crutchfield
Health Education and Promotion (HEPS)
Preparedness Alyce Wagner
Environmental Health (ASPS) Richard McMullen/Richard Taffner

Our Partners