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APHA Elected Officials/Descriptions

The Elected Officials of this Association shall be:

  • President-Elect (Elect 2023)
  • Incoming President-Elect (Elect 2023)
  • First Vice-President (Elect 2023)
  • Second Vice-President (Elect 2023)
  • Secretary (Elect 2023)
  • Treasurer (Elect 2023)
  • Members-at-Large, six (6) (Elect 3 positions 2023)


View an overview of duties for each position below

President Duties:

  • Presides over all Executive Council meetings and the Annual Meeting held during the President's term of office.
  • Appoints chairpersons of committees
  • Represents the Arkansas affiliate at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association
  • Plan the annual calendar of meetings.
  • Monitor progress of all Executive Board Members as they work toward achievement of annual objectives.
  • Serves one year as President and one year as Past President

President-Elect Duties:

  • Serves as Chairperson of the Conference Committee and coordinates duties related to the Annual Meeting
  • Attend the President-Elect meeting sponsored by the American Public Health Association
  • Serves one year term in office, then assumes the Presidency of the Association at the expiration of the term of the President.

Incoming President-Elect Duties:

  • Serves as Assistant Chair of the Conference Committee
  • Learns about coordinating the annual meeting
  • Sets dates and location for the annual meeting for the next year
  • Serves a one year term in office, then assumes the President-Elect office

First Vice-President Duties:

  • Chairperson of the Sponsorship and Scholarship Committees
  • Acts as President in absence of the President
  • Represent the Association (if the President cannot attend) at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
  • Serves a one year term and may be reelected

Second Vice-President Duties:

  • Chairperson of the Communications and Member Services Committee
    • Work with the secretary to coordinate all communications with members including the website, social media, newsletter, and events and activities
    • Supervise external and internal communications for the Association
    • Publicize events such as APHA Convention, Awards and American Public Health Association Convention through media, mailings and APHA Update.
    • Publicize all events for Committee chairpersons.
    • Oversee any publications, i.e., brochures, pamphlets, etc.
    • Make arrangements for photographs to be taken at the annual meeting
    • Serves one year term​​​​​​​
  • Serves one year term and may be reelected

Secretary Duties:

  • Chairperson of the Membership Committee
  • Maintains records, papers, and correspondence of the Association
  • Prepares and distributes minutes
  • Maintains voting status and membership lists; sends reminders for dues renewal
  • Electronically submits a copy of the roster to APHA's Affiliate Affairs.
  • Manages correspondence of the Association
  • Serves a two year term and may be reelected


  • Maintains funds of the Association
  • Works with bookkeeper to provide a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements
  • Furnishes financial statements at Executive Council meetings and at the Annual Meeting of members.
  • Makes disbursements by check
  • Prepares preliminary budget after receiving information from all Committees on expected expenditures and income
  • Should be bonded for $5000
  • Serves a two year term and may be reelected

Six Members-at-large Duties:

  • Serve on the Executive Council
  • May be appointed by the president to serve on specific committees according to the policies and procedures
  • Serves 3 year term, with elections staggered

Affiliate Representative to APHA's Governing Council (ARGC) Duties:

  • Must be a member of both the Arkansas Affiliate (APHA) and the American Public Health Association
  • Serves as the contact person between the Arkansas Affiliate (APHA) and the American Public Health Association
  • Disseminates information from the American Public Health Association
  • Represents the Arkansas Affiliate (APHA) on the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association
  • Participates in the activities of the Council of Affiliates (CoA) and maintains an ongoing communication with other ARGC's and the CoA Regional ARGC
  • Serves a three year term and may be relected

Representative to the Arkansas State Board of Health Duties:

  • Chosen from three candidates elected by the membership and submitted to the Governor for appointment
  • Serves on the State Board of Health as a representative of the Association
  • Represents Association at meetings of the Arkansas State Board of Health, voice opinions and vote on all pertinent matters
  • Acts as communication link between Arkansas State Board of Health and Arkansas Public Health Association. Reports Arkansas State Board of Health activities to the Executive Council
  • Elected for a four year term

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