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Speak for Health is how APHA members stand up for public health interests.

APHA believes public health professionals deserve a stronger voice in public health advocacy. Together, we can change the narrative and turn the tide.

APHA is the leading voice for public health in Washington. The policies we advance are based in science, research and member-led processes. 

Join us and Speak for Health — for today and future generations.

APHA's Speak for Health campaign gives you the tools you need to talk to your members of Congress about the importance of public health. 

See more on the APHA's Speak for Health page.


Participate in the American Public Health Association's legislative action alerts and urge policymakers to vote for public health.

Speak out for public health through the Public Health Action (PHACT) campaign.

Visiting D.C.? Make visiting your members of Congress part of your trip! Check out our sample email meeting requests, materials to bring to your meeting, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Get involved in the American Public Health Association's policy statement development process.

To find out who represents you in Congress, click here.

For more information, visit the American Public Health Association's Policies and Advocacy page by clicking here.

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