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Public Health Trivia

Wednesday, April 8, 2021 - 3rd Round

Public Health Trivia

  1. What are the three core functions of public health?
  2. TRUE OR FALSE:  A case control study is when epidemiologist observe habitats of several different groups and determine the rate of a particular disease in each group.
  3. An example of indirect contact includes:
    a.  contaminated doorknob
    b.  droplets from a sneeze
    c.  kissing
    d. drinking from someone else's beverage
  4. An example of direct contact includes:
    a.  dog bite
    b.  mosquito bite
    c. kissing or sex
    d. contaminated doorknob
  5. TRUE OR FALSE:  A prospective study is when epidemiologist follow up with initially healthy people and record their exposures.
  6.  What is an epidemic?
    a.  the first time a disease is documented
    b.  when more than 50% of a population has a specific illness
    c.  when more than 25% of a population has a specific illness
    d. when the occurrence of a disease exceeds the normal rate
  7. According to the 2021 County Health Rankings, approximately what fraction of adult Arkansans smoke?
    a.  1/20
    b.  1/10
    c.  1/4
    d.  1/3
  8. What is the public health measure used to reduce exposure to disease through isolation called?
  9. According to the 2021 County Health Rankings, what is the average life expectancy in Arkansas?
    a.  80
    b.  68
    c. 76
    d.  72
  10. According to the County Health Rankings, what county has topped (been the ranked #1) both the health outcomes and health factors over the past few years?


  1. assessment, assurance, and policy development
  2. FALSE
  3. a
  4. c
  5. TRUE
  6. d
  7. 1/4
  8. quarantine
  9. c
  10. Benton

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