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Public Health Trivia

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 2nd Round

Public Health Trivia

  1. What may predispose a someone to developing an illness?
  2. What is the process of sterilizing milk called?
  3. Which will NOT protect against a food borne illness?
    a.  washing produce before eating
    b.  thoroughly cooking meats and eggs
    c.  storing perishable items in a cool, dry environment
    d.  purchasing organic produce
  4. Which of the following toxic elements causes the neurological disorder that inspired the Alice in Wonderland character, the Mad Hatter?
    a.  iodine
    b.  sodium
    c.  mercury
    d. mercurochrome
  5. Who is widely considered to be the "Father of Modern Epidemiology"?
  6. Which disease is not correctly paired with the nutrient or vitamin that prevents it?
    a. niacin - tuberculosis
    b. iodine - goiters
    c. vitamin C - scurvy
    d. vitamin D - rickets
  7. What problem is prevented by adequate amounts of folic acid?
  8. What was the first illness that was attributed to an animal carrier?
  9. What Chinese invention played an early role in improving sanitation and hygiene?
  10. What is the form of contraception that is, other than abstinence, the most effective form of prevention against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV?



  1. genes or genetics
  2. pasteurization
  3. d
  4. c
  5. John Snow
  6. a
  7. birth defects
  8. malaria (mosquitos)
  9. chopsticks
  10. condom

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