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Public Health Trivia

MONDAY, April 5, 2021 - 1st Round

Public Health Trivia

  1.  What country has the highest life expectancy?
  2.  What is the only disease to be completely eradicated?
  3.  What is the field of public health called that uses biostatistics to indicate possible trends and risk factors for health problems in a population?
  4.  What is the public health initiative called that targets water supplies to lower the rates of cavities?
  5.  What is a synonym for an environmental contaminant?
  6.  What is the #1 cause of death in the US?
  7.  What is a disease called that can be transmitted from one person to another?
  8.  What has caused the largest decrease in automobile deaths in the last century?
  9.  What heavy metal is dangerous for fetal development and is found in large fish?
  10.  What is the product of the "greenhouse effect" from an excess of Co2 in the environment called?



  1.  Japan
  2.  Small pox
  3.  Epidemiology
  4.  Fluoridation
  5.  toxin
  6.  heart disease
  7.  infectious
  8.  use of seat belts
  9.  mercury
  10.  climate change

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