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Partners in Public Health

What is the Southern Health Association?

The Southern Health Association is a regional organization representing approximately 6,000 persons throughout the southeastern states who are interested in public health.

PURPOSE: To foster and stimulate a greater degree of scientific effort in the protection and improvement of public health, and to bring about a better understanding, integration and promotion of public health services.

MISSION: To serve as the regional advocate for public health and for the development and growth of its leadership.

Each year, SHA holds an annual meeting jointly with one of its affiliate state public health associations. This partnership allows for individuals from other Affiliates to join the Host State and learn from their members. This also allows SHA to help plan the conference and bring in National Speakers and Exhibitors to expectantly, increase revenue for the Host State.

The Association is governed by a Governing Council composed of elected officers, members-at-large, a representative from each affiliate state, and chairs of all standing committees.

Types of Memberships:

  • Individual Members – Members who are interested in the object of and who pay individual dues of $27.00 annually; $20.00 for first time new members
  • Fellows - Individuals who are interested in the object of, who apply for and are elected to fellowship by the Governing Council of, and who pay fellowship dues of $40.00 annually
  • Student Members - Full time students who pay $10.00 dues
  • Retired Members – Individual members or fellow members who have retired and pay $10.00 annually
  • Life Members – Individual or fellow members who have been a dues paying member of the association for 30 years.
  • Affiliate Members - State public health associations and local public health departments who request affiliation and pay dues annually of $0.75 for first 1,000 members/employees; $0.60 for any members/employees over 1,000; $0.50 for any members/employees over 1,500

Benefits of being a Member or Affiliate:

  • An avenue for representation across the South Eastern United State to advocate for Public health
  • Relationships can be formed across state boarders; this can be useful in natural disasters or when working to combat disease.
  • Learn more about best practices from other states and have an avenue to share.
  • Learn from other public health Associations: the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Give affiliates an avenue to connect with national speakers.
  • An avenue to grow leaders in the associations.
  • More, More, More

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