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National Public Health Week


During each day of National Public Health Week, we focus on a particular public health topic. Then, we identify ways each of us can make a difference on that topic. These areas are critical to our future success in creating the healthiest nation, and everyone can do their part to help.


Monday: Rebuilding
Rebuilding doesn’t mean getting back to where we were before the COVID-10 pandemic – it means having the vision to create a better, more inclusive, more just world through public health.

Tuesday: Advancing Racial Equity
We must transform our systems and dismantle policies and practices that uphold racism and continue inequities. We must make racial equity central to health equity.

Wednesday: Strengthening Community
People with greater feelings of support and inclusion within their networks tend to live longer, respond better to stress and have stronger immune systems than those who are isolated from their communities.

Thursday: Galvanizing Climate Justice
People of color and those with lower incomes experience worse health harms from climate change than white and wealthy people, despite being the least responsible for the problem.

Friday: Constructing COVID-19 Resilience
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that when governments fail to act before and during a public health crisis the public’s health suffers tremendous consequences. We need to better equip our public health system to respond to future public health emergencies.

Saturday: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness
Mental health is a critical component of public health. It consists of emotional, psychological and social well-being and is important from childhood through adulthood.

Sunday: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce
Worker protections equal better health outcomes. In places where public health authority is strong, communities are seeing lower rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths. When people trust public health leaders and their health providers, they achieve better health outcomes.

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