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Annual Meeting

Housing and Travel

The 2018 Arkansas Public Health Association's Annual Meeting will be held at Crowne Plaza, located at 201 S. Shackleford in Little Rock, Arkansas.

                                                            2018 APHA Conference

APHA is a valuable opportunity for the sharing of ideas and information, and the Department supports the efforts underway to provide an informative and useful agenda.

The Arkansas Department of Health has agreed to pay up to $80 of the registration for the APHA Conference.  Other travel expenses will be reimbursed utilizing the following stipulations.

  • Hotel will be reimbursed up to the state per diem rate for a maximum of two night’s stay with double occupancy-- if the travel distance is greater than fifty (50) miles from the official station or residence of the traveler.  If single occupancy, the traveler will be reimbursed ½ the amount up to the state per diem rate.  The travel distance is determined to and from the official station or residence whichever is the shortest distance.
  • Mileage will be reimbursed to and from the conference only.  No vicinity miles can be reimbursed during the conference.  Employees are encouraged to carpool and to use state vehicles, when available.
  • Meals and parking will not be reimbursed.
  • Each Center will be responsible for covering the cost of its employees to attend the Conference, and will ensure that adequate staffing is available to meet the demands of our clients while the conference is underway.
  • All funding questions should be directed to your Center Budget Coordinator or ADMO.

In order to process the registration payment, please use the following steps:

  1. Submit your completed original registration form, signed by your supervisor, directly to the APHA contact/address indicated on the registration form, along with your personal payment for the registration fee (agency purchase orders cannot be utilized for registration).
  2. Your original, paid registration receipt will be available in your registration packet upon arrival at the conference.
  3. Those who register at the door will be reimbursed up to $80 for conference registration following the stipulations above.
  4. You must submit your reimbursement request on a separate TR-1 after the 2017 APHA Conference.
  5. Submit to Accounts Payable (Slot 28) the following for reimbursement:
  • Completed, signed TR-1 clearly marked APHA at the top
  • Completed Travel Worksheet (FIN-106) clearly marked APHA at the top
  • Original receipt for registration
  • Original receipt for lodging in the traveler’s name
  • Include APHA expenses only; no other travel


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