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Your Member Benefits

There are 5 types of membership:

Individual Member (ADH employees can sign up for $1 per pay period payroll deduction)
Institutional Member
Student Member
Retired Member
Honorary/Lifetime Member

Access Membership form below.

Individual Member - is any person who is engaged in public health work, directly or indirectly, and/or interested in the advancement of public health in the state of Arkansas may apply for membership. Each Individual Member has the right, responsibility, and obligation of voting and participating in all Association activities and business except those specifically designated to elected or appointed officials of the Association. ONLY $26 A YEAR!

Institutional Member - is any supporting/patron, firm, association, business, corporation, foundation or other group entity or individual which meets the same criteria as stated under Individual Member, may apply for supporting membership. This membership is established to promote and financially support the Association's projects and to be appropriately recognized for that support. They may also work together to identify and promote projects of mutual interest and value. A supporting member has no voting rights, but each is encouraged to appoint a representative to attend activities, meetings, etc., and to act as liaison with the Association. This financial support will be broken-down by the following categories:

1. Diamond                    $1,000 and above

2. Gold                              $500

3. Silver                            $250

4. Bronze                          $100

Student Member - is any person currently enrolled as a full time student in any recognized educational institution may apply for Student Membership. Student Membership is encouraged as a means of learning about public health issues and activities in Arkansas. ONLY $5 A YEAR!

Retired Member - is any Individual Member who is retired from the field of public health and has been an Individual Member in good standing for at least five (5) consecutive years prior to applying, may apply for Retired Member status. Retired Membership recognized the long involvement and concern of an Individual Member in the Association. Retired Members have all the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of Individual Members but with reduced membership dues. ONLY $5 A YEAR!

Honorary/Lifetime Member - The Association recognizes outstanding persons by conferring Honorary/Lifetime Member status. Any voting member may make a nomination through a signed petition of five percent (5%) of the voting members and supporting documentation to the Executive Council. Honorary/Lifetime Members shall be selected by vote of the Executive Council: at least two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Council shall be necessary for approval. Honorary/Lifetime Membership shall be in effect for life and shall be recognized at the first Annual Meeting of the Membership following approval. Honorary/Lifetime Members have full voting rights. NO DUES.

  • This form can be mailed in with payment to APHA at PO Box 250327, Little Rock, AR 72225

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