Health Disparities Section: Mission and Objectives

  • Address issues of reducing/eliminating health disparities.
    • Improve education and communication in relation to health disparities among community stakeholders, elected officials, business, philanthropy and local, state, and federal policy makers
    • Increase membership and representation of disparately affected populations on public policy boards and organizations affecting the distribution of funding and policy making

  • Educate and inform others on health disparities
    • Implement training and related activities on diversity, cultural and linguistic competence and health disparities that will foster broad organizational/community growth and change
    • Provide educational training to increase knowledge, comfort levels, and effectiveness in working with diverse populations who experience health disparities
    • Sponsor sessions at APHA Annual Meeting

  • Bring health disparities to the forefront; not just to the members of APHA but also to communities

    • Community Involvement/Community Partnerships - Build local partnerships to address health disparities
    • Identify what partnerships currently exist within and among communities
    • Create opportunities for dialogue in communities where partnerships do not exist
    • Provide opportunities for capacity building and dialogue around: trust, communication, community participation, skill-sharing, mutual respect, empowerment, networking, sustainability, community-based outreach strategies, and services in the community
    • Establish clear expectations for responsibilities of all parties involved in partnerships

  • Find ways and potential sources to access funding