APHA Awards

The deadline for nomination submissions is 12 p.m. Friday, March 17, 2017. Submit nomination form and letters of recommendation to Jennifer Medley, APHA Awards Chair via email to jennifer.medley@arkansas.gov.
Awards will be presented during the APHA convention opening session to be held on Thursday, May 11th. For more information regarding APHA Awards, contact Jennifer Medley at 501-661-2086.


The DR. TOM T. ROSS Award was established in 1959 for outstanding achievement in public health. It is given to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to public health in Arkansas.

1)The achievement should be out of the ordinary as to differentiate from the routine or normal accomplishment.

2)The achievement should be performed in a professional manner.

3)The nominee should have continued these accomplishments over a reasonable length of time.

4)The nominee should be outstanding in comparison to others in the same type of employment.

Past Honorees of the Tom T. Ross Award…

1961-Dr. Marvin L. Wood; 1962-Marie Broach; 1965-Gomer E. Jones; 1969-Martha P. Welch; 1971-Dr. John T. Herron; 1973-Dr. Edgar J. Easley; 1974-Betsy Pope; 1975-Dr. Ben Saltzman; 1976-Dr. Eva Dodge; 1977-Angie Faye Waldrum; 1978-Dr. Harvie Ellis; 1979-Hermione Swindoll; 1980-Bill Parette; 1981-Dr. William Stead; 1982-Dr. Byron Hawks; 1983-Nancy Kirsch; 1984-James Bailey; 1985-Dr. Milton Deneke; 1986-Dr. Jerry R. Stewart; 1987-Charles McGrew; 1988-Dr. James Davis; 1989-Dr. Thomas J. Simpson; 1990-Dr. Weldon T. Rainwater; 1991-Dr. Asa Crow; 1992-Dr. Thomas E. Townsend; 1993-Louise Dennis; 1995-Dr. A. Stuart Fitzhugh; 1996-Martha Hiett; 1997-Dr. David Bourne; 1998-Paula Dozier; 1999-Dr. James Maupin; 2000-Patricia Fitzhugh; 2001-Janet McAdams; 2002-Dr. Fay Boozman; 2003-Rick Johnson; 2004-Vada Wheat; 2005-Cheryl Anthes; 2006-Liz Rainwater; 2007-Dr. Wayne Workman; 2008-Charles Beets; 2009-Randy Lee; 2010-Dr. Richard Nugent; 2011-Donnie Smith; 2012-Dr. Joseph Bates; 2013-Marietta Blasingame; 2014-Dr. Zenobia Harris, 2015-Dr. Dirk Haselow; 2016-Bill Farris; 2017-Don Murray

Tom T. Ross Award Nomination Form 2017

The OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT Award was established in 1964 for achievement and success in one or more programs and/or specialties in public health. It is given only to a member who has attained outstanding success in the program to which he or she is assigned.

1)The success may be attained within the candidates’ regularly assigned program or may involve other programs and fields of public health.

2)The achievement required unusual effort and long hours of work and personal sacrifices.

3)The achievement is outstanding as compared with other similar indivdual efforts in the same field of endeavor, related fields, or entirely diffferent fields within the overall public health effort.

4)The achievement must be verified and documented.

Past Honorees of the APHA Outstanding Achievement Award…

1965-Dr. Harvie R. Ellis; 1966-Eugene C. Spratt; 1967-Vada Russell; 1968-Edwin K. Monkhouse; 1969-William Origer; 1970-Dr. Ben Saltzman; 1971-Hermione Swindoll; 1973-Sara Lou Butler; 1974-Hazelle Thrasher; 1975-Katherine Napper; 1976-James M. Wallace, III; 1977-Louise Dennis; 1978-Dr. Rex C. Ramsay, Jr; 1979-Ruthell McCray; 1980-Wanda Pryor; 1981-Bill Elmore; 1982-Nell Balkman; 1983-James Profit; 1984-Mary Dell Talley; 1985-Kay Gill; 1986-Delores Moers; 1987-Wanda Hogue; 1988-Shirley Hicks Shipman; 1989-Nina White; 1990-Dr. A Suart Fitzhugh; 1991-Kathy Boeckmann; 1992-Clay Parton; 1994-Dr. A. Stuart Fitzhugh; 1995-Marie Tucker Morgan; 1996-Anita Baley; 1997-Jerry Smith; 1999-Julie Bates; 2000-Donnie Smith; 2001-Ellen Kilgore; 2002-Barbara Ray; 2005-Pam Murphy; 2007-Rosa Hignight; 2008-Raymond Heaggans; 2009-Eydie Abercrombie; 2010-Scott Co Health & Education Coalition / Darla Morimore; 2011-Tina Gill; 2012-Debbie Johnson; 2013-Marilyn Evans; 2014-Debra Turley, RN, 2015-Sam Dunn; 2016-Andi Ridgway; 2017-Mary Jane Cagle

Outstanding Achievement Award Nomination Form 2017

The Dr. David E. Bourne Public Health Award was established in 2011 to recognize public health policy achievement exemplified in the life and works of a distinguished public health advocate.

1) The nominee must represent public or nonprofit professionals with experience as a community organizer or advocate, journalist, scientist, physician, nurse, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, lawyer or environmentalist.

2) The nominee should be an innovative and forward thinking advocate for public health policy direction.

3) The nominee should be a humanitarian who has shown a passion for improving the health of the underserved with a voice for the less fortunate.

4) The achievement should be performed in a professional manner without regard for self-acclaim or recognition.

Past Honorees of the Dr. David E. Bourne Public Health Award…

2012-Dr. David E. Bourne; 2013-Joy Rockenbach; 2014-Dr. Joseph Thompson; 2015-Dr. Tom Bruce; 2016-Dr. Gary Wheeler; 2017-Dr. Gene Shelby

David E. Bourne Award Nomination Form 2017

The SUE PARKER Award was established in 2002 by Dr. David E. Bourne to recognize a member of APHA that has served the association above and beyond the normal standards.

1) This recognition is awarded by the current President of the association.

2) The recipient will be given possession of the associations traveling trophy until the following annual conference.

Past Honorees of the Sue Parker Award…

2002-Sue Parker(presented by Dr.Bourne); 2003-Raymond Heaggans; 2004-Dick Jones; 2005-Marye Jo Stetzer; 2006-Donnie & RoseAnne Smith; 2007-Pat McCullough; 2008-Anna Haver; 2009-Carey Woods; 2010-Lynn Humphries; 2011-Jim Mosley; 2012-Lisa Holt; 2013-Rachel Hulitt; 2014-Anna Haver; 2015-Andrea Ridgway



The Scrapbook Award An award is presented annually to an ADH Division or Local Health Unit (LHU) submitting the best scrapbook as judged by the APHA Awards Committee. Criteria:

1)Content (10points) a history of the Division or Unit, and a positive public health image

2)Appearance (5points) neat looking

3)Originality (5points) innovative in style

4)Continuity (5points) historically accurate to date

Best Scrapbook Award Submission Form 2017


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